HealthRight International empowers marginalized communities to live healthy lives.

Because Health is a Human Right


HealthRight leverages global resources to address local health challenges and create sustainable solutions.


We create solutions
that save lives and last a lifetime.


  • From West Africa to New York City

    Adapting to life in New York has been a challenging experience for this artist from West Africa. He once worked as a sculptor and painter who used mixed materials to…

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  • Officer Arthur Rainsh

    Officer Arthur Rainsh has been a community police officer for over seventeen years. He has drawn upon his extensive experience to train other police officers on ways to best serve…

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  • Dhundi Ram

    When Dhundi Ram was a young boy, his mother fell sick and spent the last days of her life in a small clinic over 300 kilometers away from their home….

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  • Dr. Seema

    While under surveillance by the Pakistani government for publicly advocating for women’s rights, Dr. Seema suffered a brutal acid attack and numerous other types of torture carried out to punish…

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  • Lucy Kapechwa

    Lucy Kapechwa, a traditional birth attendant in the village of Lelan, Kenya, is on her way home from work. Lucy was trained by her mother to attend births in the…

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  • Sita Gaire

    Sita Gaire went into labor three months early. She arrived six months pregnant at the nearest HealthRight-supported facility, where she gave birth in a safe and secure environment. The baby…

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  • Salina Kangogo

    Salina Kangogo has traveled 150 kilometers to the maternity waiting home at the Ortum Mission Hospital built by HealthRight. Her first child was delivered at home, as is common in…

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  • Olena

    After graduating from university, Olena found a job and rented a house in Kiev. However, a violent conflict with her mother sent her on a downward spiral, during which she…

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