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In 2010, a HealthRight International project site hosted U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the signing of the U.S. – Vietnam Partnership Framework. The Partnership Framework outlines a five year joint strategic framework for cooperation between the U.S. Government, the Vietnamese Government and other partners to combat HIV/AIDS through service delivery, policy reforms and coordinated financial commitments.

HealthRight is a key partner in the effort to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in Vietnam and ensure those infected have access to care and protection from discrimination. The Partnership Framework was signed at the Smile of the Sun Center, a community center established by HealthRight, the Ha Noi Women’s Union, Bright Futures Network, and Ngoc Lam Pagoda, which serves as a model for providing support and advocacy services for children and families living with HIV.

Commenting on HealthRight’s U.S. government-supported program in Vietnam, Secretary Clinton said, “What we see here is the kind of comprehensive response that this disease demands.”


Currently, HealthRight International is working to build the capacity of its local partner, the Research and Training Centre for Community Development (RTCCD), to develop an effective response to the urgent need to strengthen comprehensive child protection systems at national and sub-national levels that prevent, protect and respond to all forms of violence, exploitation and abuse against children. Social work is still viewed by many, including many policymakers, as a set of activities that can be provided by any person or organization if they have the interests, time and money. With support from HealthRight and our local partners, over the last decade, Vietnam has taken steps towards the establishment of social work as a professional activity. This response has been informed by a comprehensive desk review (including local surveys) undertaken jointly by HealthRight and RTCCD, which identified substantial gaps in social work education, particularly in the areas of child protection, mental health and family preservation.

HealthRight’s work in this area has been recognized nationally. Guidelines for care and rehabilitation for people with mental disorders, developed by HealthRight and our partners, have been endorsed as a national directive in a recent decision of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA). HealthRight/RTCCD’s training materials have been disseminated to governmental officials, health and welfare professional as well as University of Labour and Social Affairs (ULSA) academic staff.


Research and Training Centre for Community Development (RTCCD)