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Our work in Uganda began in 2018, following a merger with the Peter C. Alderman Foundation. PCAF has been implementing programs to strengthen mental health and recovery for communities devastated by violence and armed conflict in Uganda since 2006, and their work continues on through the Peter C. Alderman Program for Global Mental Health (PCAP).

Currently, we operate 5 different programs in 4 locations:

Map showing projects in Uganda

Maternal Mental Health
Collaborating with the Ministry of Health, this project integrates mental health into the routine maternal and child health care system for violence-affected women.

Self Help Plus (SH+)
In partnership with WHO, UNHCR, and UNFPA, we adapted and rigorously evaluated an innovative scalable psychosocial support intervention for South Sudanese refugee women, including those surviving gender-based violence. SH+ is a stress management intervention delivered through group workshops using audio recordings and an illustrated self-help book.

Physical & Psychosocial Rehabilitation of conflict-affected persons
Together with Help a Child Face Tomorrow, we provide integrated physical, surgical, and psychosocial rehabilitation to people injured during the LRA insurgency.

Ensuring Quality in Psychological Support
An interactive platform helping organizations and individuals obtain competency assessment tools and standardized role-plays to evaluate trainees in psychological and psychosocial interventions.