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In Mexico, HealthRight focused on maternal and child health and TB control in Chiapas, the poorest state in Mexico. HealthRight’s physician volunteers provided clinical services and training for the Hospital San Carlos, the only source of health care for thousands of poor, indigenous residents. HealthRight’s efforts improved TB case detection and treatment success rates while expanding TB knowledge in the municipalities of Altamirano, Sitalá, and Chilón in the Ocosingo jurisdiction.

Pictured here are Community Health Workers (CHWs) in Chiapas, Mexico with TB educational materials provided by HealthRight. Indigenous communities in Chiapas have long been marginalized, suffering disproportionately from TB and other diseases as a result. HealthRight trained hundreds of CHWs to educate their communities about TB prevention and treatment and to identify and refer those infected for treatment.

Community Health Workers from Chiapas, Mexico posing in a group with educational materials about tuberculosis