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Each year, thousands of people flee torture and other human rights abuses, seeking asylum in the United States.

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What We Do

Survivors of torture and other human rights abuses often have little to corroborate their asylum claims beyond their own words and the scars on their bodies and minds.

HealthRight’s Human Rights Clinic (HRC) recruits, trains, and deploys a network of volunteer physicians and mental health professionals who provide forensic evaluations, translating scars and symptoms into pivotal evidence for immigrants seeking asylum and other relief in the U.S. These evaluations can make the difference between a grant and a denial — over 90% of HRC clients are granted asylum or other relief, compared to the 35% grant rate of asylum seekers nationally.

Through its Access to Support and Services for Survivors of Torture (ASSIST) program, the HRC simultaneously works to ensure that survivors have access to critical follow-up medical, psychological and social services that they need to rebuild their lives in a new country.

Where We Work

The HRC trains clinicians and serves immigrant survivors based in the New York metro area, which includes the following locations:

  • New York (including Long Island)
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
HealthRight Clinic Area of Service Map
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Who We Serve

Since 1993, our services have been essential in helping to stabilize the lives of vulnerable immigrant populations, including:

  • Unaccompanied migrant children
  • Survivors of domestic violence
  • Sexual and gender minorities
  • Political activists
  • Survivors of human and sex trafficking
  • Women and girls who suffered – or fled from – female genital cutting or mutilation
  • Survivors of gang violence
  • Ethnic and religious minorities

What Makes Us Unique

Forensic Expertise

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Nearly 6,000 clients from over 140 countries served
  • Over 1,500 clinicians trained around the U.S.

Specialized Capacity

  • Rush deadline capabilities
  • Child development expertise for evaluations of children & adolescents
  • Combined medical & psychological evaluations available
  • Presence in underserved areas, including Long Island

Quality control

  • All clinicians trained and vetted
  • All affidavits reviewed by experienced program staff

Hands-on Support

On 100% of our cases, experienced staff:
  • Coordinate evaluation and testimony from start to finish
  • Provide clinical, editorial, and legal support for clinicians
  • Hand-pick clinicians best suited to clients’ cases

How We Work

We match immigrant survivors with clinicians from our HRC network of dedicated and passionate volunteer clinicians available to conduct evaluations and screen clients for additional needs.

We train and vet all HRC volunteer clinicians, and subsequently provide mentorship and hands-on guidance to ensure clinicians provide the highest quality evaluations.

Through joining the HRC, clinicians have the opportunity to play a key role in whether a survivor is able to achieve safety, stability and a life free of torture and abuse in the U.S.

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