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HealthRight International and the Peter C. Alderman Foundation Announce Merger

April 24th, 2018    News

HealthRight International and Peter C. Alderman Foundation Join Forces to Deliver Holistic Health Programming for Marginalized Populations

April 23, 2018

New York, NY – HealthRight International and the Peter C. Alderman Foundation (PCAF) announced today that they have merged in order to better meet the mental health needs of the marginalized communities they serve around the world. Integrating PCAF’s considerable experience and expertise in global mental health across HealthRight’s existing and future programs will greatly enhance its ability to deliver comprehensive, transformational health solutions.

HealthRight seeks partners like PCAF that share their vision and mission, from ethos to implementation. “We are very excited about joining forces with PCAF not only because they bring invaluable knowledge and experience in providing mental health and psychosocial services, but the organization is also a perfect cultural fit in terms of our shared focus on improving the health of the most vulnerable populations through community-driven solutions,” said Peter Navario, Executive Director, HealthRight International.

Liz and Steve Alderman from PCAF added, “We’ve proven the value of treating mental health in the broader context of general health and other determinants of well-being. That’s why it makes so much sense for PCAF to become a part of HealthRight International. Merging with HealthRight will allow us to deliver our evidence-based model of care more efficiently and effectively to more people for many years to come.”

With the addition of the new Peter C. Alderman Program for Global Mental Health, HealthRight becomes one of very few global health non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with the ability to deliver integrated health solutions that address mental health for the most vulnerable populations. Following the merger, HealthRight will support holistic health programming in Burundi, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, Ukraine, the United States and Vietnam.

About HealthRight International

HealthRight International was established in 1989 by health and human rights visionary, Dr. Jonathan Mann, and was brought to life by his commitment to do the hard, patient work of delivering rights-based health programs to those who have been persecuted, excluded, or forgotten by traditional development. Across 30 countries and for nearly 30 years, HealthRight has worked with local stakeholders to build sustainable solutions to health challenges faced by the most marginalized communities.

About Peter C. Alderman Foundation

The Peter C. Alderman Foundation (PCAF) was founded to honor the life of Peter Alderman who was murdered on September 11, 2001. Peter’s parents wanted to leave a mark that Peter had existed and that the world would be a better place because he had lived. Since 2003, PCAF has worked with communities devastated by violence and armed conflict to strengthen mental health, recovery and resilience through transformative, community-based mental health and psychosocial programs.