Client Spotlight: Human Rights Clinic

December 18th, 2015    News

For more than 20 years, HealthRight has been helping to stabilize the lives of vulnerable immigrant populations. The letter below was written by a survivor of anti-gay violence from Jamaica who benefited from HealthRight programs.

I am an asylum-seeker from Jamaica, where I was the target of anti-gay violence. I’ve been working with HealthRight International’s Human Rights Clinic (HRC) since my arrival in the United States in 2014. My attorney referred me to the HRC for a psychological evaluation, which would be added to my asylum application, and after my exam, I asked the psychologist if she had recommendations for a counseling center or LGBTQ community center. She promptly signed me up for case management through the HRC’s ASSIST Program and explained that staff from the HRC’s office would contact me to discuss services that are available to me.

Soon after, I received a call from a woman who introduced herself as my case manager. We spoke about the services that I needed like housing, food, counseling, clothing, and LGBTQ support. She then shared a list of community organizations and groups and followed up with me periodically to ensure that I got the help I was looking for. She also offered support by asking how I was doing or if she could help with finding other services. I had the benefit of working with a number of case managers at HealthRight who each took an interest in helping me. Most importantly, one of my case managers sent me an invitation to attend an LGBTQ-related event with a local organization that I never knew existed and that helped me meet members of the LGBTQ community in New York from all around the world, including Jamaica. I am forever grateful that I was introduced to this organization and can’t thank my ASSIST case manager enough.

I am truly thankful that I found the HRC. They are always available to answer my needs, and I would recommend anyone to reach out to them for help. They’re courteous, thoughtful, efficient, and friendly, which makes a great difference for me on this journey and will do the same for anyone.