The Human Rights Clinic (HRC) conducts forensic psychological, medical, and gynecological evaluations of foreign-born survivors of torture and other human rights abuses for use in immigration proceedings. Evaluations are performed by HRC-trained volunteer medical and mental health professionals. The HRC does not guarantee evaluations. Requests are assessed case-by-case, and are filled according to client eligibility for services and availability of clinician volunteers. Please be aware that provision of evaluation services may take eight weeks or longer from the time both the completed intake and the client’s statement are submitted to the HRC.

Clients must manifest symptoms of past trauma for our services to be useful: there should be residual physical scars for a physical evaluation, and at least some visible mental health issues for a mental health evaluation.

To request an evaluation please submit the following:
-Forms 2-4 of the Intake Packet below
-A detailed affidavit, I-589 narrative, credible fear statement or any other document in which the client has made a statement regarding the history of abuse
-Any medical records relevant to the evaluation you are requesting

Intake Packet:
1. Introduction to the Human Rights Clinic
2. Legal Representative Agreement
3. Intake Form or Fillable Intake Form. Please fill this out completely. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
4. Client Consent Form available in English, Spanish and French. This may be submitted later if you will not be meeting with your client for some time, but must be received before the evaluation takes place.

For requests in the following locations — NY, NJ, CT — submit to Katherine La Puente, at For questions call 212.992.6132. Intake packets may also be faxed to 212.226.6991.

** NOTE: At this time HealthRight is only accepting evaluation requests in NY, NJ & CT **

You should receive a message confirming that we have received intake documents from you. If you do not hear from us within a week of submission, please contact us.

Coordination Fees:

HealthRight’s HRC charges referring legal representatives a coordination fee that covers the administrative costs associated with running our program. Coordination fees are not remuneration for the health professionals in our network, who provide evaluations on a volunteer basis. Following initial screening of intake materials, HealthRight uses a sliding scale to determine the per-evaluation fee and provides a fee agreement for referring legal representatives to sign in order to complete the intake process. Once HealthRight schedules a client for an evaluation, HRC staff sends an invoice to the legal representative. Payment is due within four weeks of the invoice date. HealthRight does not accept additional payment to guarantee or accelerate scheduling of an evaluation. For more information, you may speak with one of the HRC staff.

Requesting Telephone Testimony:

If a volunteer clinician is requested to testify, the HRC will ask him/her to be available for telephonic testimony during a time window, no longer than an hour, on the day of the hearing. Please give us as much advance notice as possible so that the volunteer can try to accommodate your request, and no less than two weeks. The legal representative should make this arrangement with the court if the phone testimony is absolutely needed. HRC will ask the legal representative and the volunteer to schedule time before the hearing to prepare for testimony. If the legal representative fails to provide preparation, the HRC will advise the volunteer that s/he may choose not to answer the phone. If the court decides to waive the phone testimony on the day of the hearing, the legal representative should immediately let the volunteer know, so that s/he is not left waiting by the phone.

To request telephone testimony, please email your HRC contact with the following information:

  1. Client name:
  2. Hearing date:
  3. Hearing time:
  4. Testimony window (60 min. max.):