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Current Opportunity

Website Developer for HealthRight Kenya


Consultancy: Development of a website for HealthRight Kenya

Consultancy Location: HealthRight Kenya, Golden Ivy Plaza, Karen Road, office suite 2

Application Deadline: August 15 2022

Expertise Required: A firm/individual with experience in designing and development of websites for organizations preferably non-governmental organizations

Expected Duration of Assignment: 15 weeks

Request for Proposals: This RFP does not obligate HealthRight Kenya to execute a contract, nor does it commit HealthRight Kenya to pay any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of the proposals. Furthermore, HealthRight Kenya reserves the right to reject any and all offers, if such action is considered to be in the best interest of HealthRight Kenya

Submission Email: Proposal needs to be submitted by 5pm EAT on 31st July 2022 to

Contact Person for Inquiries (Written inquiries only): Point of contact: the point of contact for this solicitation is Judy ( ). Last day to receive inquiries relating to the RFP is 5pm 29th July 2022



HealthRight Kenya (HRK) is a non-governmental organization, set up in 2005, with the head office at Golden Ivy Plaza, Karen Road, Nairobi. It works with marginalized communities and the general population to eliminate the gap in health outcomes and expand access to quality health systems. The organization is made up of a growing team of 20 staff.

HealthRight Kenya is soliciting proposals from eligible and interested firms or individuals to design and develop a website for the organization.


The objective of the Consultancy Engagement:

  • To design and develop a website for HealthRight Kenya
  • To ensure that the website is dynamic and allows for active content (have multimedia presentation capabilities)
  • Ensure that the website is integrated with social media sites
  • Enrich the website with a robust security gateway
  • Build a mobile friendly site with the following:
  • Images should be automatically adjusted regardless of the mobile screen size
  • Optimized page view for any screen size
  • Enabling easy scrolling & easy click-through actions
  • Ensure Structured, viewable Menu & Fast navigation’s
  • Place proper call to actions & Pop up’s without losing its upfront view.
  • Ensure that content can be easily uploaded on the website
  • Guide on the website maintenance and care
  • Train staff on navigation of the website


  • The design and development of the website should be done within 15 weeks and should be launched by 11th of November 2022


  • Offerors are required to submit their offers using the following format.


(This Form must be submitted only using the Web Developer’s Official Letterhead)


Location, Date



We, the undersigned, hereby offer to render the following services to HealthRight Kenya in conformity with the requirements defined in the RFP dated 18th July 2022 and all its attachments, as well as the provisions of the HRK General Contract Terms and Conditions:

A. Qualifications of the Website Developer

  • The website developer should have the following qualifications:
  • Bachelors degree in IT or Web development or a related field. A masters degree will be an added advantage
  • Over 5 years’ experience in website development and maintenance for organizations preferably non-governmental organizations
  • Solid knowledge and experience in programming applications
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, java etc e. Proficiency in HTML, CSS, My SQL etc.
  • Dedicated team player Written Self‐Declaration that the company is not in the UN Security Council 1267/1989 List, UN Procurement Division List or Other UN Ineligibility List.

B. Proposed Methodology for the Completion of the assignment

The Website Developer must describe how they will address/deliver the demands of the RFP; providing detailed description of the essential performance characteristics, reporting conditions and quality assurance mechanisms that will be put in place, while demonstrating that the proposed methodology will be appropriate to the local conditions and context of the work.

C. Qualifications of Key Personnel

The web developer must provide:

  • Names and qualifications of the key personnel that will be involved in development of the website indicating who is Team Leader, who are supporting, etc.;
  • CVs demonstrating qualifications must be submitted and
  • Written confirmation from each personnel that they will be available for the entire duration of the contract.

D. Cost Breakdown per Deliverable*


HRK will evaluate the proposals based on the following criteria: (Criterion Points)

Qualifications of the consultant (10 points)

  • Profile – describing the nature of business, field of expertise, licenses, certifications, accreditations; and proven record.
  • Business Licenses – Registration Papers, Tax Payment Certification, etc.

Proposed Methodology and Approach

  • Past Experience- Experience in developing websites for organizations and specifically locally registered NGOS granted to implement funded projects such USAID, COMIC RELIEF, DFID. Provide the URL of three examples of projects you have recently completed that display expertise related to this proposal, as well as a short list of services you completed for each (30 points)
  • Web Development Team Qualification and Competencies (20 points)
  • Proposed method and approach and ability to complete the assignment within allocated time(25 points)

Appropriate budget, demonstrating appropriate allocation of labour days in relation to tasks and deliverables; appropriate consultant daily rates in relation to qualifications; appropriate other direct costs in relation to the scope of work; and overall cost effectiveness. The costing should include all applicable taxes (15 points)

Total 100