Healthy women and children help build healthy societies. Yet, women and children remain among the most vulnerable populations in the world with millions dying from preventable causes each year. Through the Women and Children’s Health (WCH) Program, HealthRight aims to improve the health and well-being of marginalized women, children, and families.


HealthRight’s work supports women’s empowerment and gender equality. Our WCH program aims to:

  • Improve maternal and newborn health
  • Prevent gender-based violence
  • Ensure sexual and reproductive health & rights
  • Strengthen child survival and protection


Improve Maternal & Newborn Health

Arghakhanchi, Nepal

This simple, low-resource shift in clinical practice has been successful in identifying areas for improvement and ensuring the continuity of care for mothers and newborns. Maternal and Neonatal Near-Miss Reviews (MNNR) has been implemented in 15 health facilities and 122 health workers have been trained on it. With support from the World Health Organization, HealthRight has scaled up services to the district level and is currently conducting implementation research to support national scale-up.


Prevent Gender-Based Violence

Kyiv, Ukraine

Through the Service Center for Women and Girls in Kyiv, HIV+ women are provided with outreach, social services, and access to medical care. HealthRight also manages 21 mobile outreach teams in 16 Ukrainian regions to develop services available for GBV survivors. GBV survivors are also provided with identification, screening, first aid, and support counseling in five conflict affected regions in Eastern Ukraine.

Ensure Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights

Elgeyo Marakwet, Kenya

In rural communities like the North Rift Valley, incorporating community-based family planning (FP) is a critical component for ensuring women’s right to care. We work in partnership with 9 local health facilities and 20 community units to improve the quality, access, availability, and acceptability of FP. In addition, Healthright and Medic Mobile launched an innovative supply chain management mobile phone app to monitor essential FP commodities. As a result, 13,180 women have received family planning and there have been 123,724 household visits for family planning counseling and contraception.

Strengthen Child Survival & Protection

Hanoi, Vietnam

Using a kinship model, HealthRight launched several projects to secure community-based care for orphans and vulnerable children, including HIV-affected youth. HealthRight has been recognized for its innovative work with the Ministry to develop a formalized foster care system. In 2015, HealthRight trained 1,172 professionals in child abuse prevention and foster care modules along with organizing 19 training courses and developing 6 additional modules on violence prevention and case management.