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History and Impact

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What Is Our Track Record

A painting of Haitian refugees detained in a camp in Guantanamo, Cuba


The Human Rights Clinic (HRC) was founded in the Bronx, NY in 1993 in Partnership with the North Central Bronx Hospital and Montefiore Medical Center’s Residency Program in Primary Care and Social Internal Medicine. We are HealthRight’s longest-running program.

Our origins date back to the early nineties when a group of physicians led by Dr. Jonathan Mann, HealthRight’s founder and a world renowned human rights advocate, went to Guantanamo where Haitian asylum seekers were being detained indefinitely, many with HIV. Through that work – and advocacy documenting these asylum seekers’ trauma – the HRC was born. The image pictured here is a painting created by one of these refugee detainees, now on display in HealthRight’s New York Headquarters. Read more about this history here.


Since its inception, the HRC has:

  • Trained over 1,500 physicians and mental health professionals to provide forensic evaluations and document signs of torture in survivors seeking asylum and other protections in the U.S.;
  • Provided forensic evaluations to over 6,000 survivors of torture and other human rights abuses from 140 countries;
  • Connected hundreds of HRC clients to needed medical, psychological, social and other services throughout the U.S.

90 percent of clients served by the HRC are granted asylum or other immigration relief, while fewer than 40 percent of those seeking asylum nationally are granted.

HRC Impact Graphic