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How We Can Help Your Client

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Our Services

In the current climate of increasingly restrictive immigration policies, now more than ever, a forensic evaluation can mean the difference between a grant and a denial for immigrants seeking asylum and other relief.

The Human Rights Clinic (HRC) trains, deploys, and provides ongoing support to volunteer clinicians who provide expert forensic evaluations, affidavits, and telephonic testimony that document the physical and psychological scars of abuse for immigrants seeking relief in the United States. Our network of nearly 200 dedicated HRC volunteers includes physicians and mental health professionals who conduct forensic psychological, medical, and gynecological evaluations.

Over the last 25 years, thousands of attorneys have come to rely on the forensic evaluation services the HRC provides to their clients. 90 percent of clients served by the HRC are granted asylum or other immigration relief, while fewer than 40 percent of those seeking asylum nationally are granted.

Our Clients

Our evaluations have been pivotal for clients seeking:

  • Asylum, Withholding of Removal, & CAT
  • VAWA
  • U/T Visas
  • SIJS

Currently we serve adults, children, and adolescents in the New York metro area (NY, NJ, CT), including Long Island.

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What Makes Us Unique

Forensic Expertise

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Nearly 6,000 clients from over 140 countries served
  • Over 1,500 clinicians trained around the U.S.

Specialized Capacity

  • Rush deadline capabilities
  • Child development expertise for evaluations of children & adolescents
  • Combined medical & psychological evaluations available
  • Presence in underserved areas, including Long Island

Quality control

  • All clinicians trained and vetted
  • All affidavits reviewed by experienced program staff

Hands-on Support

On 100% of our cases, experienced staff:
  • Coordinate evaluation and testimony from start to finish
  • Provide clinical, editorial, and legal support for clinicians
  • Hand-pick clinicians best suited to clients’ cases

Attorney Testimonials

  • “The judge granted Mr. Ferrero’s application and he will be released from detention tonight. HealthRight’s clinician was WONDERFUL! Everyone came up to us at the hearing to tell us how great she was, even the Judge. The Judge’s decision was filled with appreciation for the clinician’s testimony and insight into Mr. Ferrero’s mental state. The Government attorney told us that this was a tough case and the clinician’s testimony made it easier for the Judge to make a favorable decision and for him to waive appeal.”

    Christina Elhaddad, Staff Attorney, Legal Services of New Jersey

  • “Maria* has been granted asylum and it is my opinion that the success of her case was largely due to the evidence your clinician provided. Furthermore, it is my understanding from my conversations with Maria that her experience at the exam, though difficult, was also empowering and that she was treated with a great deal of compassion and respect and offered resources for ongoing care. Thank you so much for the work you do.”

    Referring Attorney

* Names are changed to protect client identity