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2022 Peter C. Alderman Health + Human Rights Awards

May 30th, 2022    News

On May 17, we hosted the 2022 Peter C. Alderman Health + Human Rights Awards in person for the first time since 2019. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our friends, donors and sponsors, the 2022 Health & Human Rights Awards was our most successful event to date! We raised over $325,000 of our $350,000 goal!

In the wake of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, this year’s event was dedicated to HealthRight’s staff in Ukraine, who are providing critical relief efforts within the country. Since March 2022, our Mobile Teams alone have supported over 30,000 people affected by violence throughout the country. We work closely with the Ukrainian government to ensure that our programs are impactful and sustainable.

The event included insight from Lada Bulakh, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, who spoke about the exacerbation of mental health and gender-based violence issues after the invasion. We also heard from our Ukraine Country Director, Halyna Skipalska, who recounted the day the invasion began and our Ukrainian staff’s efforts to get to safety while continuing their lifesaving work.

We want to thank everyone who made the event a truly remarkable evening. The unflagging support from our community drives our work forward, and provides all of us at HealthRight with the confidence and strength to continue growing our programs to reach the communities around the world who need and deserve our support.

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