2020 Peter C. Alderman Health & Human Rights Awards

September 11th, 2020    News

 Click here to watch the full-length interviews with Laurie Garrett, Dr. Mary Bassett and Dr. Vicki Sharp

Last night’s Peter C. Alderman Health & Human Rights Awards delivered hope and inspiration.

Thanks to an amazing and humbling outpouring of support from our community, we raised over $235,000! If you couldn’t attend the event, we hope you will help us reach our goal of $250,000. We are so close and giving is easy, just click here!

We have made the recording of the full show available to you at the top of this page. 

Our program showed how – with your help – we are improving the lives of marginalized communities. Public health experts Laurie Garrett, Dr. Mary Bassett, and Dr. Vicki Sharp discussed the legacy of our founder Dr. Jonathan Mann and the health and human rights movement, the global COVID response and what we can learn from HIV, how epidemics are driven by non-health factors, as well as future pandemics and the relationship between climate change and public health. The full-length interviews are available here.

We also recognized the critically important work of our community-based partner Amkeni Malindi with our Health & Human Rights Community Partner Award. Since its founding, Amkeni has worked hard to bring badly needed health services, including HIV prevention and treatment, to the LGBTQ community in eastern Kenya. You can learn more about them at amkenimalindi.org

Lastly, Dr. Jeff Alderman’s touching tribute to his brother Peter illustrated how Peter’s caring and positive nature lives on through the Peter C. Alderman Program for Global Mental Health, which touches tens of thousands of individual lives each year.

Last night’s virtual event was a first for us and we hope you enjoyed it. We were proud to showcase the engaged, compassionate and generous community of staff, partners, board members and supporters that we’ve collected along this 30-year journey, and we are grateful that you’re with us as we look to the future.

Amkeni Malindi received the Health & Human Rights Community Partner Award