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Program Foundation

The Peter C. Alderman Program for Global Mental Health at HealthRight International has been providing mental health and psychosocial services to conflict-affected populations in Eastern and Northern Uganda since 2006. PCAP/HealthRight works to reduce the symptoms of mental health disorders such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder through pharmacological, psychological, and social therapies.  The psychosocial services model cultivates community-based solutions, empowering lay health practitioners to deliver the majority of psychosocial care. As an organization we work to leverage global resources to address local health challenges and create sustainable solutions. Our values of community solutions, equity, respectful care, and excellence support our belief that health is a human right.


Core Program Focus

PCAP/HealthRight provides mental health and psychosocial services through two main programs, Maternal Mental Health (MMH) and Integrated Mental Health with attention to Place, Collaboration, and Timing (IMPaCTS). Both programs utilize a stepped care model to screen and provide services. PCAP/HealthRight employs a multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, clinical psychologist, psychiatric clinical officers, psychiatric nurses, social workers, counsellors and community health workers (VHTs/PHCWs), most native to Uganda. Our programs work with both native and refugee populations in Uganda.


PCAP in Uganda

PCAP/HealthRight works with the Ugandan Government under the Ministry of Health to coordinate and implement mental health services. Our services are implemented in the Northern Uganda districts of Arua, Gulu, Lamwo, Kitgum, and Soroti.  We work in collaboration with regional referral hospitals using psychiatrists as the immediate supervisors to our staff. We work closely with the National Referral and Teaching Mental Hospital for supervision psychiatrists. We are also corroborating with other organisations including Relief International in and ECHO funded consortium and Humanity & Inclusion to expand our reach in refugee populations.


Global Network - PFAP Staffing Graphic


Community Mental Health$170,000
Maternal Mental Health (MMH)$157,114
Uganda Headquarters$160,630.76
Relief International Consortium$245,920
Humanitarian Inclusion Partnership$47,047
Complied September 2018