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HealthRight Uganda


Who we are

HealthRight Uganda is part of HealthRight International (, an international non-governmental organization based in New York. HealthRight was established in 1989 by visionary HIV/AIDS clinician, researcher, and advocate Jonathan Mann, who believed in the then-revolutionary idea that health and human rights are inextricably linked. In 30 countries and for more than 25 years, we have been inspired by his vision. Instead of chasing “big numbers,” directing resources to early adopters and the easy-to-reach, we develop committed relationships with organizations that do the hard, patient work of reaching those who have been persecuted, excluded, or forgotten by traditional development. Targeting underserved women and children, adolescents, migrants, and sexual minorities, we offer global resources, best practices, and other support to local partners so that together we can demonstrate the efficacy of a locally-driven solution.

In 2018, HealthRight International merged with the Peter C. Alderman Foundation, an international non-governmental organization with a strong track record in community-based mental health and psychosocial support interventions for violence-affected populations.


What we do

We have been active in Uganda since 2006. Our initial focus was on strengthening the capacity of the governmental health system to respond to the mental health crisis in the aftermath of the LRA insurgency. Currently, we operate five different programs in four locations (project map below):

  1. Maternal mental health (see project 2-pager): In Lamwo and Lira, together with the Ministry of Health Uganda, this project is aimed at integrating mental health into the routine maternal and child health care system for violence-affected women
  2. Self Help Plus (see project 2-pager): In partnership with WHO, UNHCR, and UNFPA, we adapted and rigorously evaluated an innovative scalable psychosocial support intervention for South Sudanese refugee women, including those surviving gender-based violence: a stress management intervention delivered through large workshops using audio recordings and a self-help book
  3. Community mental health (see project 2-pager): Together with the Ministry of Health, we offer an integrated community-based mental health program with a focus on breaking the vicious cycles between alcohol misuse, intimate partner violence, and psychological distress
  4. Physical and psychosocial rehabilitation of conflict-affected persons: Together with Help a Child Face Tomorrow, we provide integrated physical, surgical, and psychosocial rehabilitation to people injured during the LRA insurgency
  5. Torture survivor case management: We provide an integrated case management system for South Sudanese refugee torture survivors
  6. Humanitarian support: We recently concluded humanitarian mental health and psychosocial support programming in partnership with Humanity & Inclusion; and with ECHO funding in a consortium with Relief International


Our future directions:

Against the background of the merger with HealthRight International, we are actively searching to expand our work in Uganda to focus on HealthRight’s four target populations, including: integrated gender-based violence prevention programming; particularly marginalized women and children, including those in conflict with the law and adolescents at risk; LGBT programming; and HIV/AIDS programming.


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