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Adonis Musati Project

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The Adonis Musati Project, named after a young Zimbabwean who died of starvation on the streets of Cape Town whilst queuing to get his asylum papers, originated in 2007 as a safety-net for refugees and migrants facing significant social, economic and political barriers to accessing services, overcoming trauma and integrating in South Africa.

The project seeks to empower marginalised refugees and asylum seekers to build self-reliant and dignified lives through promoting equity in access to services and resources, fostering integration and sustainable support networks, and encouraging personal development that achieves lasting change.

We offer the following:


Psychosocial services

  • Peer Support Group Programme: 11-week peer led rights based, psychosocial support group programmes that are adapted to meet the needs of specific groups e.g. adults, youth, IPV and SGBV survivors, LGBTI+. Victim Empowerment Programme: Individual and group therapy for survivors of crime and violence (including South Africans)
  • Trauma counselling services: individual, couples or family counselling
  • Screening for intimate partner violence: SLA’s with other NGO’s to do monthly IPV screening and referral of their clients
  • Digital Storytelling and Art Therapy (for adults and children)
  • Social work services -provide support and referrals as well as small emergency grants

Paralegal services

  • On site paralegal assistance and referral regarding documentation and legal status

Community Mobilisation

  • Community Support Workers – run workshops in communities on SGBV, HIV and social cohesion, refer vulnerable clients to AMP and other service providers and offer translation services at police stations and clinics
  • Capacity building and training of other service providers and community leaders.

Access to Health

  • Health literacy component in all 90 support group programmes
  • 5-6 “Pop up clinics” at our offices throughout the year where we provide voluntary counselling and testing for HIV, screening for cervical and breast cancer, tuberculosis, hypertension, diabetes and glaucoma, visual acuity and provision of glasses.

Youth empowerment

  • 10-week support group programme run quarterly during school terms in various communities
  • Youth leadership training run three times a year- youth leaders identified and trained to co-facilitate groups and become agents of change in their communities
  • Social cohesion, 3 day camps run 4 times annually during vacations – support group participants joined by young South Africans in order in order to foster integration, dialogue, relationship-building and leadership skills.

English classes

  • Community English classes for both adults and children in impoverished areas to help address barriers to access.


The annual budget for 2018 is $420 000 and there are 45 full-time and part-time staff. We work in over 14 different locations throughout Cape Town and the surrounding areas.

Our donors are UNHCR, Comic Relief, National Lottery Commission, Foundation for Human Rights, US State Department PRM, AES and the Western Cape Department of Social Development.

For more information contact Gahlia Brogneri at