The Last Mile Populations Lab and Human Rights Clinic offer internship opportunities for the fall and spring semesters, as well as during the summer.

Fall 2017 Interns

Josh Arshonsky

Leah HeadshotLeah Blumberg is from Wilmington, Ohio and is a second-year MPH student with a concentration in Global Health at NYU. She got her BA in International Development from The Ohio State University with a minor in Studio Art. After graduation, she worked with food accessibility among urban youth but has since refocused her efforts to criminal justice and maternal and child health. Currently, she is co-founding The Justice Initiative at CGPH to bring awareness to criminal justice through a public health lens. Leah has been with HealthRight since summer 2017 and is excited to continue working with them.

Urmi Headshot

Urmi Chakrabarti’s search for a more interdisciplinary approach to behavioral health led to her master’s in education and clinical psychology along with a master’s certificate in global health program development and evaluation. Because of Urmi’s previous work with undocumented workers, and her hopes to one day take her approach, direct practice, and perspective in behavioral health to a global setting, she is now pursuing her MSW at Columbia with a minor in International Social Welfare.

Deborah HeadshotDeborah Onakomaiya is a second year MPH student at the NYU College of Global Public Health. She has been interning at HealthRight for over two semesters, and her public health focus is in maternal and child health. In addition, Deborah is interested in building programs and designing interventions for pregnant women in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. She hopes to also engage traditional birth attendant in the health systems across this region.  

Mark Headshot

Mark Stratton is currently a second-year MPH student with a concentration in Global Health at NYU’s College of Global Public Health. He has a BA in Biological Anthropology from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. After graduating, Mark served in the Peace Corps as a high school science teacher in rural Kenya (2010-2012) and upon returning to the US served as an AmeriCorps Volunteer with New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity (2013-2014). He then worked as a special education teacher for two years in New Orleans. Mark’s research interests include HIV and stigma among minority populations, LGBT health, social determinants of health, health policy, global food insecurity, and human rights advocacy.

Merium HeadshotMerium Syed is a first year MPH student at CUNY School of Public Heath, concentrating in Health Policy and Management. Her extensive experiences in urban emergency rooms taught her the crucial role that proper patient counseling and health education can play in relieving ED burdens and promoting better health outcomes. Her goal is to become a leader in Public Health and is pursuing the Master of Public Health to strengthen her background, skill set and vision to learn how best to improve healthcare delivery in communities and influence policy to create lasting and systematic change.