The Global Health Challenge

Local NGOs remain largely disconnected from global resources for health and are too often excluded from global health agenda-setting. Most global health NGOs still practice the traditional to-down approach to development, imposing solutions on localNGOs with unpredictable, short-term funding. And stagnant global health funding underscores the need to do much more with existing resources and develop alternative models to the inefficient sub-award system that is the status quo in global health.

The HealthRight Global Network aims to create a network of organizations with similar ideals and goals. The purpose is to unify elements of the organizations and to share knowledge among the members.


The Model

  • Health solutions are locally designed, implemented, and evaluated
  • Global resources and local innovators are seamlessly connected
  • Local NGOs and the vulnerable communities they serve play a pivotal role in global health agenda-setting
  • Greater resources are devoted to improving the health status of the most vulnerable populations

The HealthRight Global Network

A new kind of global health NGO, comprised of mission-aligned, indigenous NGOs that bring global resources to bear on local health challenges. The vision is to seamlessly connect local innovators to global resources and regional partners in order to improve the health of the most vulnerable populations.

Scale Local Solutions
  • Multi-site, multi-country health system strengthening, services, and research interventions
  • Scaling solutions across marginalized populations previously considered too small to scale
Risk Mitigation
  • The HealthRight Global Network will provide robust, streamlined core functions (e.g., finance, knowledge management, and business development)
  • A rigorous vetting process to recruit only best-in-class, mission-aligned local NGOs
Network Impact
  • A richly diverse NGO network where resources, tools and information are easily shared to solve some of the most intractable global health challenges
  • Through a strategic partnership with NYU’s College of Global Public Health, marry expertise and resources from across NYU’s schools and colleges to local knowledge and resources


How does our network avoid historic problems faced by international/local NGO partnerships?

  • Ensure that people at the global level are fully connected with the realities of grassroots work
  • Develop, test and share innovative models
  • Build synergy in our multiple country operations (cross fertilization of technical expertise)
  • Build a critical mass of experiences and voices that can influence global health policy and practice
  • Tap into individual and group expertise and reputation to build credibility of the network
  • Share fundraising, intelligence, opportunities and connections across the network
  • Build effective relationships with donors, governments and other key actors to strategically position the network members
  • Develop opportunities for research and knowledge management
  • Demonstrate to the world the cost-effective model for global health collaboration, cutting out financial leakages and waste of middlemen
  • Break down and avoid any racial or neo-colonial tendencies in the network relationships



To join the network, please send an email to Peter Navario.