HealthRight Celebrates 25 Years

On June 16th, HealthRight International held its 2015 Health & Human Rights Awards Dinner.  With so many friends in the room, both old and new, we paid tribute to Jonathan Mann, our founder, as well as the many people who helped make HealthRight International what it is today.  As our host, Dr. Jon LaPook, eloquently described and many echoed throughout the evening, HealthRight works in the “last mile,” reaching the most isolated and impoverished people in the world. It’s been an outstanding 25 years.  Here’s to the next 25!

larry petter

Drs. Larry Brilliant and Peter Navario


Jon Lapook Speaking 1

Dr. Jon LaPook



Portraits of HealthRight clients by photographer Daniel Jack Lyons




bob berne

Dr. Rober Berne, NYU



Dr. Cheryl Healton, NYU


jen snell

Jennifer Snell, Africa Program Director


Jacqueline Edwards, Medic Mobile


Steve, Vicki, Tom

Thomas Dougherty, Dr. Victoria Sharp, Steven Berger